Have A Wine Tasting Party In Your Home With The Traveling Vineyards Wines

If companies can sell containers for leftover food or cosmetics on a home party basis, why then wouldn’t you be able to sell wine using the same concept?

As of 2001 someone took that idea and ran with it and it became The Traveling Vineyards Wines based in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

The individuals who give these parties as known as Wine Guides, who are knowledgeable about the company’s different wine that are offered. The concept here is that they set up a free wine tasting in the clients home and offer five different types of wine. After all, how do you know you like a wine unless you have a chance to taste it before you purchase it and not like it and dispose of it? This concept gives people a relaxing way, in their home, to taste a new wine or two.

As of 2005, they had thousands of Wine Guides or consultants, that work from home and had at that time hosted over 100,000 events in 26 different states. These Wine Guides have a strict code of ethics to follow, they must have a knowledge of wines with which to give accurate comparisons about the services and the products. Safeguarding your private information is essential, which are only two of the many different sectors of the Code of Ethics.

They are a member of the Direct Selling Association or DSA which is there to make sure you are a for real company and not someone who makes false promises and never carries through. To belong to the DSA a company has to go through a trial period of 12 months, and in the meantime, the DSA administrators are busy checking out how Traveling Vineyard conducts itself and its business model.

If anyone, guest, host, Wine Guide or whoever thinks that one of their representatives is not meeting standards set out by the DSA’s Code of Ethics, they are free to file a code complaint and the matter will be investigated and if there is a problem it will be remedied immediately. If they do not do this, the DSA will most assuredly do so and they could lose their membership.

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