The Importance of Social Security

According to financial advisor David Giertz, every financial advisor should talk to their clients about Social Security. It’s the most important issue that retired or soon-to-be retired people need to take into account. Most people don’t start thinking about retirement until it’s just ahead of them.

That’s why David Giertz thinks it’s so important for professionals to remind their clients of the impending future. In Giertz’s opinion, not enough advisors are talking about Social Security. All of Giertz’s opinions are based on a nationally accredited survey. The survey at polls thousands of people and shows trends and pitfalls of the financial consumer’s mindset.

Four out of five people admitted that they would change advisors if their current advisor wasn’t talking about some form of security on Securing a financial future is a difficult discussion to have. Not because seeing into the future is impossible but because of the topic, in itself, is very complex.

There is a “sole security handbook” which has 2,700 rules in it. The security discussion on is beyond complex. The other end of Social Security is those who turn on their Social Security too soon. The result could equal to losing $300,000 over 25 years.
David Giertz is the top financial advisor at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, based in Dublin, Ohio. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial field and has no plans of retiring soon. He’s passed 4 exams.

Mr. Giertz is also registered with FIRNA. That means he’s a registered broker. Brokers, not to be confused with investors, are sales personnel who work for large brokerage firms. A broker’s job is to buy and sell securities on behalf of the firm’s customers or its own account.

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