Jeremy Goldstein: Providing unmatched Corporate Legal Help

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) of the New York State Bar Association recently launched an online portal for those seeking a lawyer. This service, which is confidential, is available 24/7 at


How the Portal Works



  • Individual visits the website and describes location/issue through a confidential questionnaire.
  • State Bar staff review your questionnaire and match with suitable nearby attorney.
  • If individual is living in one of 17 counties having a lawyer referral service run locally, State Bar forwards request to the most suitable county bar association.
  • Referrals are not charged and in case an individual consults the referred attorney, a fee of $35 is set for the first 30-minutes. Exceptions can be made for matters involving social security, personal injury, veterans & military law, medical malpractice, worker or unemployment compensation.


Individuals and corporations seeking professional legal services can have confidence that they will get matched with professionals of excellent legal standing with their credentials having been certified by the respected New York State Bar Association.One fine lawyer found on this online portal is Jeremy Goldstein.


About Jeremy L. Goldstein


Jeremy is one of the partners at the Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The law firm provides legal and professional services to management teams, CEOs, compensation committees, and corporations on matters related to corporate governance and executive compensation. Over the last 10 years, Mr. Goldstein has been deeply involved in lots of big corporate transactions.


Too many companies are today in a struggle determining how, when, and whether their own corporate directors ought to be involved with shareholders on issues dealing with executive compensation. This is an area where the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC firm can be of great help. Mr. Goldstein chairs the Subcommittee on Mergers & Acquisition of the Business Section of the American Bar Association.

Customer Comments Reveal the Role of Securus Technologies in Solving and Preventing Crimes

Companies operating in the inmate communication industry such as Securus Technologies are mostly known for connecting inmates with their loved ones. However, little is known about the significant positive impact made by such companies in incarceration facilities. Securus Technologies, an inmate communications provider, revealed how helpful their services have been over the years by revealing several facility customer comments. The comments touched on how utilizing technology has not only helped to solve but also prevent crimes, especially inmate-on-inmate crimes.


To show the impact of its technology in prisons and jails, Securus displayed a sample of comments from emails and letters received from different facility officials. This revelation by Securus’ CEO showed the company’s commitment to make jails and prisons safer and better for both inmates and the staff.


Securus unveiled that it has thousands of emails and letters regarding what it develops and how it has contributed to the safety of inmates, parolees and their families. According to Richard Smith, integrating safety into the company’s functions makes up Securus’ DNA. In fact, he expressed the company’s honor to serve and protect society, especially inmates and their loved ones.


Shedding Light on Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that is devoted to providing leading criminal and civil justice technology solutions. These solutions are aimed at not only improving public safety but also modernizing the incarceration experience. For this reason, thousands of corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies depend on Securus Technologies for simple, powerful, and secure technology solutions that are user-friendly and accessible. In addition, Securus maintains a reputation as the number one innovator in the industry with over 140 patents issued and 90 others pending.


Real Estate Investor Arthur Becker with a Project of his Own

Mr Arthur Becker has decades of successful professional experience in the field of real estate investment and project funding. Over the course of the last few years, however, Mr Arthur Becker has been working on his own real estate property which will enable him to sign his own name for the first time.

Mr Arthur Becker chose a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan which is called Tribeca. In 2012, Mr Arthur Becker purchased a building located at 465 Washington Street for the price of 6 billion dollars. The building has been undergoing both renovation and expansion. It has four levels, but Mr Arthur Becker has envisioned ten floors. To make that possible, he purchased and adjacent building for a price that has not been stated, but it is known that it cost a few million. The adjacent building is at 471 Washington, more details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

The vision of Mr Arthur Becker features one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. The style will be Artisanal, and the interior design will be handled by world’s renowned interior designer Paris Forino who is known in its field for his extravagant yet elegant and classic taste. He will be working on the interior design for the entirety of the ten floors of the building.

The first sellout is 52 billion dollars. The prices will vary, and they will be set per square foot. The apartments will be between 2 000 sq ft and will not go over 4 000 square feet. The prices will vary depending on the unit. It will be no less than 2 200 for a square foot and no more than 3 200 dollars per square foot. These pricings are only in regard of the seven simplex apartments because the penthouse duplex will have an entirely different pricing.

The real estate project is the first one that Mr Arthur Becker has been completely in charge of and will be the sole owner of. He stated in a recent interview that the date of the completion of the project at 465 Washington Street has not yet been decided on, but it is most probably going to be complete within the next couple of years.

Visit his website for more details.

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Deep Cleansing Conditioner Restore Fine Hair On Local College Student

Are you experiencing serious dry hair or breakage? Wen hair is uniquely designed to rid your hair of excess dirt and oil by saturating your hair with all natural ingredients from root to tip. More women are looking for organic ingredients that won’t threaten to strip or damage their hair and Wen by Chaz is hypoallergenic and safe for all hair types. They are infused with a unique blend of eleven essential amino acids, vitamin C and E. Their summer peach cleansing conditioner is one of their most popular hair products at Wen by Chaz, says creator and CEO, Chaz Dean.

Wen By Chaz: Cleansing Conditioner

One young lady had a restrained budget, fine hair, and a little breakage when she washer her hair. She discovered Wen by Chaz through a late evening infomercial on QVC. She was impressed with the real-time results that their products had on the women on television and they were not paid actors, but actual models exploring Wen by Chaz products for their hair. The college student quickly ordered their cleansing conditioner for her fine hair and found that it was very easy to order. She also was impressed with the price. Washing her hair and using the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner became her daily routine.

She noticed far less breakage when she began to wash her hair after using their cleansing conditioner for a month. She now recommends their cleansing conditioner as a safe and affordable hair care product for all hair types to the Bustle online readers.

Wen By Chaz Products

– Styling products

– Styling mousse

– Deep cleansing conditioner

– All-in-one hair care therapy

– 5 day hair treatment

– Light cleansing conditioner

– Aromatherapy

and more…

Experience the rich aroma of scents like Mandarin Italian and Sweet Almond Mint Milk. Wen by Chaz invites you to visit your exclusive website today. Wen hair care products are also available on eBay, and Guthy-Renker:

Lori Senecal is Finally Being Recognized for Her Success

There are several innovation leaders that you hear about every day. Most of these leaders are in the technology industries. Of course, innovation is necessary for tech to be competitive. What we often do not hear about are innovations in the advertising industry. There is one individual that stands out as an innovator in the marketing and advertising realm, and she has just been named as the newest CEO of the Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky advertising agency. That person is Lori Senecal.

Lori  was brought up in a humble community in Canada. The daughter as schoolteacher and store owner, she always had to fight and find innovative ways to get what she wanted in life. These skills translated when she moved into the business world.

Lori was also undecided about what she really wanted to do with her life. When she started school at McGill University in Montreal, she decided that a business major would provide her a useful education without much risk of not finding a job. Through her studies, she found her passion for advertising and marketing. She graduated from McGill with a degree in Commerce, Marketing, and Finance.

Using her knack for innovation and her degree, she quickly rose up the company ladder in every company that she was employed at. She co-founded the TAG Ideation group of McCann Worldgroup in 2003, and she was promoted to the Global Chief Innovation Officer just three years later. In 2007, she was seen as one of the most innovative and hard-working executives at the Company. She was rewarded with the Presidency of McCann Worldgroup NY, the Company’s flagship office.

In 2009, Senecal started as the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners. Here she won several awards for her innovative techniques and leadership styles. She was named in Advertising Age’s “Agency Executives to Watch” twice during her time at KBS+. She was also give a Jury Chair spot for the Isaac Awards, an award that honors invention and innovation in the industry. Lori was also appointed to the MDC Partners, a global advertising agency holding company, in 2014. For her strides as a woman and her innovative spirit, she was also awarded by the Advertising Women of New York with the Game Changer Award.

Lori Senecal is one of the most underrated executives in the advertising agency today. She has brought so much innovation and invention to the industry, and she is finally being recognized for it.

You can check out her tumblr.

Visit her aboutme page for more info:

Brad Reiler Inaugurates Forefront Income Trust that Promotes Equity

Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer and founder of Forefront Capital Group. Recently, he established Forefront Income Trust, public, non-traded interval fund. Forefront Income Trust allows individuals in Middle America to invest in strategies for only one percent.

The fund starts to makes money when the investor’s investment grows up to eight percent. Furthermore, it is non-correlated to the equity markets. The fund ensures direct investors donate three percent to veterans and military families. The fund’s investments are in the direct loan and specialty finance space. Moreover, the investments structure to reduce risk.

Past Experiences of Brad Reiler

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler who is the CEO and Founder Capital Group established Pali Capital in 1995. He served as the CEO until November 2008. During that period, Pali Capital earned $1Billion in revenues; hired over 250 employees; and had offices in Austria, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Crunchbase has it that Brad Reifler initially began his career in 1982 where he established Reifler Trading Corporation. Moreover, the firm specialized in executing global derivatives.

In 2000, Brad sold Reifler Trading Corporation to Refco, Inc. Brad previously worked at Genesis Securities where served as the director. Moreover, the enterprise is a European-American Investment Bank. He was also the director of the renowned Wins Finance Holdings. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Forefront Capital Group

Brad Reifler heads Forefront Capital Group with its subsidiaries, including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Through the company’s subsidiaries, Brad is capable of attracting business leaders, top investment bankers, and registered investment advisers to Forefront Capital Group. Moreover, the company’s Community contributes to its success through investing in the company.

Forefront Capital Group acquires unique opportunities because of relationships that originate from the Forefront Community. These members include board members of Fortune 100 and 500 firms where one member was awarded the Nobel Prize of Economics in China. Furthermore, the board has a member who has three presidential appointments.

Brad Reiler’s Accomplishments

Brad Reifler is a member of several advisory and corporate boards, for instance, he served as a Trustee of the Millbrook School.

Additionally, he was the former Chair of the Finance Committee in the institution. From 1977 to 1981, Brad attended Bowdoin College where he got a degree in Economics and Political Science.