Customer Comments Reveal the Role of Securus Technologies in Solving and Preventing Crimes

Companies operating in the inmate communication industry such as Securus Technologies are mostly known for connecting inmates with their loved ones. However, little is known about the significant positive impact made by such companies in incarceration facilities. Securus Technologies, an inmate communications provider, revealed how helpful their services have been over the years by revealing several facility customer comments. The comments touched on how utilizing technology has not only helped to solve but also prevent crimes, especially inmate-on-inmate crimes.


To show the impact of its technology in prisons and jails, Securus displayed a sample of comments from emails and letters received from different facility officials. This revelation by Securus’ CEO showed the company’s commitment to make jails and prisons safer and better for both inmates and the staff.


Securus unveiled that it has thousands of emails and letters regarding what it develops and how it has contributed to the safety of inmates, parolees and their families. According to Richard Smith, integrating safety into the company’s functions makes up Securus’ DNA. In fact, he expressed the company’s honor to serve and protect society, especially inmates and their loved ones.


Shedding Light on Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that is devoted to providing leading criminal and civil justice technology solutions. These solutions are aimed at not only improving public safety but also modernizing the incarceration experience. For this reason, thousands of corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies depend on Securus Technologies for simple, powerful, and secure technology solutions that are user-friendly and accessible. In addition, Securus maintains a reputation as the number one innovator in the industry with over 140 patents issued and 90 others pending.


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