Lori Senecal is Finally Being Recognized for Her Success

There are several innovation leaders that you hear about every day. Most of these leaders are in the technology industries. Of course, innovation is necessary for tech to be competitive. What we often do not hear about are innovations in the advertising industry. There is one individual that stands out as an innovator in the marketing and advertising realm, and she has just been named as the newest CEO of the Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky advertising agency. That person is Lori Senecal.

Lori  was brought up in a humble community in Canada. The daughter as schoolteacher and store owner, she always had to fight and find innovative ways to get what she wanted in life. These skills translated when she moved into the business world.

Lori was also undecided about what she really wanted to do with her life. When she started school at McGill University in Montreal, she decided that a business major would provide her a useful education without much risk of not finding a job. Through her studies, she found her passion for advertising and marketing. She graduated from McGill with a degree in Commerce, Marketing, and Finance.

Using her knack for innovation and her degree, she quickly rose up the company ladder in every company that she was employed at. She co-founded the TAG Ideation group of McCann Worldgroup in 2003, and she was promoted to the Global Chief Innovation Officer just three years later. In 2007, she was seen as one of the most innovative and hard-working executives at the Company. She was rewarded with the Presidency of McCann Worldgroup NY, the Company’s flagship office.

In 2009, Senecal started as the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners. Here she won several awards for her innovative techniques and leadership styles. She was named in Advertising Age’s “Agency Executives to Watch” twice during her time at KBS+. She was also give a Jury Chair spot for the Isaac Awards, an award that honors invention and innovation in the industry. Lori was also appointed to the MDC Partners, a global advertising agency holding company, in 2014. For her strides as a woman and her innovative spirit, she was also awarded by the Advertising Women of New York with the Game Changer Award.

Lori Senecal is one of the most underrated executives in the advertising agency today. She has brought so much innovation and invention to the industry, and she is finally being recognized for it.

You can check out her tumblr.

Visit her aboutme page for more info: https://about.me/lori-senecal-official

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