Real Estate Investor Arthur Becker with a Project of his Own

Mr Arthur Becker has decades of successful professional experience in the field of real estate investment and project funding. Over the course of the last few years, however, Mr Arthur Becker has been working on his own real estate property which will enable him to sign his own name for the first time.

Mr Arthur Becker chose a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan which is called Tribeca. In 2012, Mr Arthur Becker purchased a building located at 465 Washington Street for the price of 6 billion dollars. The building has been undergoing both renovation and expansion. It has four levels, but Mr Arthur Becker has envisioned ten floors. To make that possible, he purchased and adjacent building for a price that has not been stated, but it is known that it cost a few million. The adjacent building is at 471 Washington, more details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

The vision of Mr Arthur Becker features one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. The style will be Artisanal, and the interior design will be handled by world’s renowned interior designer Paris Forino who is known in its field for his extravagant yet elegant and classic taste. He will be working on the interior design for the entirety of the ten floors of the building.

The first sellout is 52 billion dollars. The prices will vary, and they will be set per square foot. The apartments will be between 2 000 sq ft and will not go over 4 000 square feet. The prices will vary depending on the unit. It will be no less than 2 200 for a square foot and no more than 3 200 dollars per square foot. These pricings are only in regard of the seven simplex apartments because the penthouse duplex will have an entirely different pricing.

The real estate project is the first one that Mr Arthur Becker has been completely in charge of and will be the sole owner of. He stated in a recent interview that the date of the completion of the project at 465 Washington Street has not yet been decided on, but it is most probably going to be complete within the next couple of years.

Visit his website for more details.

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