Doe Deere and the Journey to Success

Doe Deere, the mastermind behind the colorful cosmetic company Lime Crime, has reached massive success over the past decade. Known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, this maverick has made her mark in the beauty industry and continues to inspire creativity and self-expression through her colorful lipsticks, eyeshadows and hair dyes. This article will discuss her humble beginnings and her journey to Lime Crime.

Doe Deere, born as Xenia Vorotova, was born in Russia but migrated to The Big Apple at the tender age of 17 and resided there from 1998 to 2012. Living in Brooklyn, she was apart of a rockband and had dreams of becoming a musician. As fate would have it, her love for makeup and fashion eventually dominated her focus. She eventually graduated from FIT in New York City, a prestigious fashion college.

From her years as being a musician she was taught marketing and discovered a fondness for having an audience. She also was fortunate enough to find companionship with one of her bandmates, which would eventually become her husband and business partner for Lime Crime. Doe stated that she and her husband worked well together. He would eventually becoming a big part of her success.

She attended fashion college and evetually launched her own Ebay store that sold trendy clothing. However, Doe liked to model her own clothing but needed colorful makeup to complete the look. Finding the right makeup was difficult since the beauty industry focused more on natural hues and colors, so Doe became inspired to formulate her own colorful cosmetics in 2008. Her cosmetics ranged from highlighter pink to deep purple.

Doe was surprised to find that many girls shared the same passion as herself about colofrul makeup. She stated that Lime Crime was an outlet for girls to express themselves without fear of judgment. The company continues to grow in success and with its massive social media following.

Lime Crime recently launched a line of temporary hair dyes that consist of cool colors such as “Dirty Mermaid” and “Jello”.

Doe recalls that being imaginative and ambitious were always apart of her nature. As a young girl, she sold fake tattoos to her classmates as a way to earn extra money. Doe stated that young women should always follow their heart. She feels as though everyone has something unique and special about themselves to offer to the world. They can only reach their truest potential when they become who they really are.

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