The Plans George Soros Has In Store

Sharing His Prosperity

It is easy to see George Soros is a fairly wealthy man. He’s made himself the most successful hedge fund manager in the world and he’s held that title for more than 30 years. Thanks to his efforts we now understand exactly what it will take to improve the world and bring about a new age of understanding among Americans. There simply isn’t anything like this to be found across the world. Although George Soros is extremely generous, many conservatives have taken offense to this and believe he is trying to do harm to America and to the ideas of freedom and democracy. This thinking is odd given his long history of supporting capitalism in emerging economies such as those found in Eastern Europe and occupational choice. Learn more about his profile at

The Situation in Europe

The migrant crisis of Europe is of particularly strong interest to George Soros. He wants to do everything he can to help the migrants adjust to life in their new homeland and to give them chance to do everything they can to start new lives in these countries. Nothing helps immigrants settle in better than creating new businesses that contribute to the economies of the countries hosting them. This is where he came up with the idea to donate $500 million to the European Union.

The Fight in America

The victory of Donald Trump has deeply angered George Soros he wants to just about everything he can to help stop Trump from bringing the changes he is proposing to bring about. He has allowed disappointments to discourage him from getting into politics before, but this is not happening this time. Instead, he is trying to do everything he can to make everything better.

Beating the Smear Campaign

There is a smear campaign being launched against George Soros by the right. It began with Glenn Beck and it has continued into the current day with many on the right claiming that he is essentially trying to create some sort of world domination pyramid scheme. This is far from reality, but it has had an impact and it has caused many conservatives to unfairly distrust him. Soros refuses to let this get in the way of his goals. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

About George Soros

For more than 30 years, George Soros has used his wealth to promote important progressive issues such a social justice, racial equality, and greater social mobility. He has spent much of his life fighting for a more global world where free trade and immigration are accepted by the vast majority of people. Outside of his work as a philanthropist he is also known as an accomplished writer and financial speculator.

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