A Life Fit For The DeVos

Dick DeVos is more than an entrepreneurial phenomenon. The outstanding public figure has a passion for sailing, piloting helicopters, manning jet air crafts and continuing to be involved in how the United States develop in a world of varying views. Dick DeVos got his official start as a self-made man in Amway.


His start in philanthropy began with very generous financial donations.


It was his father who started and planted the seed while Dick was young. Charity is part of the family. Not everyone grows up in a multi-million dollar household. Even the few of those raised with a “silver spoon” never gain the necessary business tact to succeed as much as their predecessors. So, it’s safe to say that Mr. DeVos is an exception.


Not only so, but the man in entirety is exceptional. His personal passions only give us a glimpse into the entire person. And it’s all for good reason. All we have to do is look at the man’s past. An impressive number of accomplishments are listed as Dick DeVos’ and only his. One such honor is his ability to give what he worked hard for.


Though his father gave him a good start, the rest of his legacy remained, as is today, in his hands alone. One outstanding feat is the role Dick played as President of Amway. But he didn’t earn this title just because the business is part of a larger family which includes his name. He had to start from the bottom to then be able to give.


The manner that Dick DeVos defined himself as a businessman led to more and more opportunities. These opportunities are what modeled the person we see and recognize. It was only after leaving the Amway Corporation that Mr. DeVos then launched a powerful campaign within philanthropy. His amazing wife followed.


The two combined created a reputation that few billionaires can match today. Most won’t even try. The both are from Grand Rapids, Michigan where the Amway Corporation was started. Here, his business grew wings, and here, his family extends their views and beliefs within the world of politics.


As a respected leader, Dick DeVos is looked to by his followers. These people come from his own business development and from the life that followed his enterprise. We thank Mr. DeVos for his contribution and showing the world how much is possible within one man’s lifetime.


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