The Organizations Who Fight For Human And Migrant Rights

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund distributes money to nonprofit groups to advocate the civil rights of Hispanics and migrant workers. The organization was created out of a settlement for $3.7 million awarded to Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey in 2013.

In 2007 Lacey and Larkin were removed from their homes under the orders of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Both men worked for Village Voice Media. The sheriff was outraged because the men had they had written stories exposing his political posturing and fear-mongering directed at Hispanic migrant workers. Larkin and Lacey were released from jail within 24 hours with all of the charges dropped.

Larkin and Lacey started the Frontera fund because they believe in helping those who are less fortunate. They realize how many perils are faced by the Mexican immigrants who come to Arizona to work and find opportunities.

These immigrants were detained and demonized by Sheriff Joe Arpaio as were all individuals with brown skin. This was a great injustice and Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey are standing by these men and women with pride. They realize we are all technically immigrants and entitled to work for a better life.

The Arizona Coalition For Migrant Rights

The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights operates throughout the state and is comprised of refugee, migrant, community, indigenous, human and civil rights, religious and labor organizations. The are the advocates for an immigration policy that is fair and work to expand and defend the rights of Arizona migrants and their families. They educate the communities regarding the advancement of social change and immigration reform.

Their goals are to seek justice and awareness for the refugees and migrants. This includes the detainees in criminal and administrative proceedings within Arizona. Larkin and Lacey use a unified voice to developing a plan of action with a network that is diversified. They use education and organization to promote legislation and change that is just.

They have increased the shared information and communication between the participants and the members of the coalition. They help organizations with their needs with training, promotion and support. They are a resource, a forum, an advocate and a vehicle to help the indigenous and the migrants.


The ACLU has guarded the nation’s liberty for almost 100 years. They work with the communities, the legislatures and the courts in the defense and preservation of the rights and liberties of individuals guaranteed to everyone in this country by the laws of the United States and the Constitution.

The ACLU takes on the most difficult cases regarding civil liberties and issues. They defend all people from the overreach and abuse that comes from the government.

The ACLU has in excess of 2 million members, supporters and activists who fight to protect everyone’s rights. Their organization operates all over the nation and fights with passion in all fifty states as well as Puerto Rico to safeguard human rights. They demand equality for all people, all workers and all residents of the nation.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Providing Assistance to Migrants

Back when they were still in college, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to establish the Phoenix New Times, which is a newsletter that contains news and other features helpful to the public. Years later, the Phoenix New Times became one of the most popular newsletters in the city. However, they have made an enemy because of the articles that they publish in their newsletter – the sheriff of the Maricopa County himself, Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been critics of Joe Arpaio ever since he became the sheriff in 1992. They keep on exposing his lies and crimes, and Joe Arpaio wanted to do something that would shut them off.

In 2007, he ordered the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for maliciously posting confidential information online. A public outcry followed after the arrest of the migrants’ rights activists, and the judge holding their case found no strong evidence that would link them to the accusations of Joe Arpaio. They were later released and filed a counter lawsuit against the Maricopa County and Joe Arpaio. They won the case and were given a $3.75 million amount for the damages. They used the money to establish the Frontera Fund, which is a private fund used to help migrants.

Today, the Frontera Fund is still active, and they are using it to host their new website called the Front Page Confidential. They are also using the fund to sponsor talks and seminars about the First Amendment and the discussion of the rights of the migrants. They are also using the fund to rally against the plan of Joe Arpaio to run for the Senate. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin states that the fund that was awarded to them are becoming more useful, as it became an instrument for them to extend their assistance to migrants who need help.



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