USHEALTH Group Recognized for Excellence Once Again

Over the course of its years in operation, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has become known for its stiff to innovate and deliver insurance plans and services laced with transparency and high quality.

In June 2017, USHEALTH Group, Inc. was recognized for their innovative mindset. The company received the first place from the CEO World Awards. This award is annual, and the award ceremony for 2017 was held at the SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner in the city of San Francisco. The category that USHEALTH Group, Inc. won is Product Innovation.

The Gold Winne of a product was the PremierChoice which is proprietary to USHEALTH Group, Inc. The PremierChoice suit was selected as a winner for Products, Upgrades, and Innovation of the Year against other companies who have between a hundred and 499 employees. PremierChoice is a suit that comes with many benefits.

Clients who have purchased the PremierChoice are able to obtain the amount of health insurance that they need at that time, and they can also buy more or less according to their needs with no underwriting requirements to them.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. was established more than ten years ago. The company is based in the Texan city of Ft. Worth. The company has a number of services that have been providing their clients with suitable health coverage plans for many years.

Other than the PremierChoice suit, USHEALTH Group, Inc. also has a dozen of premade plans, and each of them was created for people in different situations with different needs. Read more: USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

Clients can even set up their own health coverage schemes. In order to do that, the agents of Ushealth Advisors are there to help and walk clients through the whole process from start to finish. The PPO service available on the website of the company helps clients find an agent in their area.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has had a great couple of years. Last year in 2016, the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. was selected for the Gold by One Planet Awards, and so he was named CEO of the Year. CEO Troy McQuagge had been with USHEALTH Group, Inc. for about five years and through his leadership, he has helped elevate the performance and overall structure of the USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Mroy McQuagge has had a long experience as a leader and in the business of health management. In previous years such as 2015 for example, USHEALTH Group, Inc. was also a winner of a Stevie award. USHEALTH Group, Inc. has developed a record of winning some prestigious awards.

As a whole, USHEALTH Group, Inc. is one of the top companies working in health coverage in the United States. Clients enjoy continuous quality and innovation from the business, and that has made the number of customers increase drastically.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Frontera Fund Helps Immigrants

There are many issues with human rights in the United States and around the world but immigrants are the ones who have the most trouble finding the support that they need for their human rights especially when they are in the United States.

This is something that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin want to be able to fight and something that they have been trying to fight for their entire careers. It is something that will make things harder for people to try and make things difficult for immigrants but it is also something that will change depending on what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are able to do to bring change to these areas.

The men try to make everything better for everyone. They want to be able to show people that they can have a positive life and that they don’t have to worry about the problems that come from human rights violations. They also want to make sure that their clients are able to get the best experience possible no matter what they are doing or what they are going to be able to bring to the table in the situations that they are in.

Since Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew a lot about the things that were going on and the human rights violations, they felt that they were a part of an expert group on the subject. They had come a long way from just being journalists and starting out but this was something that they knew they had to do to make things better for everyone.

The men knew a lot about the things going on and the abilities that they had. They also knew that people who were trying to immigrate to the United States often had trouble doing so.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found out that the people who had the most amount of trouble were those who were trying to immigrate to their area of Arizona. They saw this as a problem because they didn’t know what the immigrants were doing to make this trouble. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The men found out about it and realized that it was the sheriff’s department that was making things hard. They decided to expose them, the department didn’t like it and Larkin and Lacey were arrested for the things that they were doing even though that was an illegal type of arrest.

While the situation turned out great for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin because they walked away with more than three million dollars, that is not the case for many people who are going through civil rights cases. They got lucky and they worked hard to fight it but some people do not have those same options.

They have to work hard and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have set it up so that they will be able to use Frontera Fund if they ever run into problems that are similar to what they had to go through with the sheriff’s office in their own county.

Securus Technologies Cracking Down on Prison Drug Use

I have been working as a corrections officer in the local prison for many decades, and this year we have seen an explosion in drug use like at no other time. The inmates brag about how easy it is for them to get just about any type drug, and that is a poor reflection on me and my staff. In the past, we had a few things we could do each day to try and slow down the flow of drugs inside the jail.


Every day, we take the drug-sniffing dogs through the jail and stop at any cells where they detect a hint of drugs. We do this without any warning, and even though the inmates find this annoying, it does help to slow down the flow of drugs in the jail. We have a team of officers check the mail to be sure no one is trying to mail drugs to the inmates too. We set up searches inside the visitor center and check the inmates and they guests several times to make sure no one is exchanging anything that should not be in the hands of the inmates.


This year we got a new resource to help in the fight against drugs in the jail. Securus Technologies updated our inmate call monitoring system that we had been using to listen to inmates on the jail phone. The company is based out of Dallas, has 1,000 dedicated employees, and currently has the same inmate monitoring systems in over 2,400 prisons around this country.


The LBS software will now alert corrections officers if inmates say certain verbiage. We now can spring to action the minute an inmate is talking on the phone about hiding their drugs, using drugs, selling drugs, or buying drugs from other inmates throughout his facility.