Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund for migrants’ rights protection

Human rights are a preserve of any human beings. They are privileges that every human being is supposed to give to fellow human beings. No single person is not covered by the human rights charter that was passed by the United Nations General Assembly. Every human being is equal. There is no superior color or race. As long as one is a human being, they deserve equal treatment.

This has been the basis of action by human rights bodies. Theirs is to look for actions that do not align with the charter and ask for justice. Anything in contravention of the human rights charter qualifies as an injustice. It, therefore, deserve to be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Following such injustices, this is where the role of the human rights groups strike in. They come in so that they can protect the people from injustices that are committed by those who do not respect the rule law or those who believe they are superior to others. Learn more about James Larkin: and

The attitude of superiority is one that should be condemned. It breeds contempt and disrespect for the rights of others. For a long time, such actions have been associated with acts of racial discrimination which amount to the violation of human rights.

The fact that one is not a native of a particular area does not mean that they should be discriminated. People need to learn the importance of human dignity and accord each other the rights they deserve.

The fight for human rights is based on getting equality for all human beings. The world is trying to fight actions that amount to disrespect for human life.

The sole reason that we have human rights charter of the UN is a result of so much disrespect for human life during the First and Second World War. There were massive killings that were not warranted. Such actions pushed the governments to take action that would prevent killings of humanity in such huge magnitudes.

Human rights groups in the society play the role of protecting people from such violations. Although this is primarily the role of the governments, they normally do not carry it out as it should be done. Such ignorance to duty is what has pushed independent bodies in the form of non-governmental organizations to be formed so that they can offer independent oversight role on issues of human rights violations. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

These groups then push the government to take action against violations that happen in the society.

There are numerous human rights groups such as the Human Rights Action Center, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International which push governments to ensure that people are protected from abuses to their rights.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is a group that was established by two journalists from Arizona. The state had given the two journalists a settlement of $3.75 million in a case where they had taken the state to court for violating their rights.

Lacey and Larkin have been very vocal about human rights violations in Arizona and have been calling on the government to take action.

The group mainly funds other rights groups in the state that are pushing for justice and better treatment of immigrants’ community.

Nathaniel Ru, the Co-Founder of Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and Chief Executive officer of Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a fast-casual restaurant that serves high-quality salad. Sweetgreen was established back in August 2007, three months after Nathaniel Ru and his partners graduated.

It was started in Washington DC, and by October 2017, it had expanded to 77 stores situated in different places. The stores are operating across the United States in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. It also has stores on the way to Chicago and Boston. Sweetgreen has more than 3,500 people working as employees throughout the United States.

Nathaniel Ru went to study at McDonough School of Business in Georgetown University where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Finance. After his graduation in 2007, he and his friends started the Sweetgreen with a focus on sustainability and local sourcing. The idea of starting Sweetgreen came from his conviction that the community and its people needed a healthy, delicious and an eco-friendly dining choice. He avidly believes in food that best fits a person budget, values, tastes, imagination and the community.

Nathaniel and his partners later started and launched Sweetlife in 2010. Sweetlife is one of the largest music and food festivals in the United States. The occasion attracts more than 20,000 people across the United States and the world. It also features high profile musical artists, food from the top chefs, food trucks, farmers and local purveyors. Sweetlife also embraces health and well-being as well as a good living.

Nathaniel Ru is focused on making Sweetgreen a sexy and a smart company. He also states that each and every store of Sweetgreen has to provide and live up to the core values of the company and serve the community around it as expected. He also says that he always came up with values in the dorm with his friends, some of which are posted in each and every Sweetgreen places.

The values help him and his partners in making decisions and coming up with solutions. He also recently said that keeping it real is a concept the company employs.

Nathaniel Ru has recently said that everything in their company is genuine, this is from the behaviors of the employees to the product source of the food. He also added that adding the sweet of their products is a way that helps them increase and achieve their marketing goals.

He said that if employees give a 100% perfect product, their customers will tell a friend increasing their sells. He also said that Sweetgreen offers a good experience to its employees by planning offsite retreats to get ideas from employees. The company has recently helped two employees to plan their marriage and wedding party.

Daniel Taub: The Israeli Ambassador Who Ensured the Prosperity of Community in the UK

Daniel Taub, the former Israeli diplomat in the U.K., is known for ensuring the prosperity of Jewish community in the U.K., during his term. He represented the political, social, and business interests of Israel and the Jewish community, efficiently. It should be noted that Taub was the Ambassador in the period of 2011-15. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He took an active involvement into the various challenges faced by the Jewish community in the country. Daniel Taub challenged George Galloway, the Bradford West MP, for his controversial remarks and visited the city of Bradford to speak with various political and religious leaders, upon the request of the Jewish community in the city.

Per the news reports, Galloway declared his constituency as an Israel free zone and said no goods or services, academics, and tourists are allowed from the country. Galloway also asked the people of Bradford to reject Israel state. Interestingly, the British Police registered a case against the MP and started investigating over the speech.

It should be noted that the speech was posted online, and it created an outcry in the various social media platforms. Galloway reportedly spoke multiple times against the state of Israel and charged many baseless allegations, in the past.

Daniel Taub visited the city and confirmed that the people of Bradford are not entirely different from the perspective of Galloway. “According to me, the real voice of Bradford is inclusion and not exclusion,” Taub said after visiting the city. “It is a great example how people from various communities and faiths live together, harmoniously, and it is a great model for our country as well,” he further added.

Taub explained that the tensions in the Middle East was not actually a conflict between Shia and Sunni, or between right and left. But, it was a fight between the future and the past. Taub also requested people to look at the future instead of looking at the past.

He is also an international lawyer and written articles covering the Middle East in various newspapers, including the Huffington Post, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, and more. Daniel Taub also wrote a book named Parasha Diplomatit that featured his diplomatic experience, and insights and analysis on various issues. Taub started his career by serving Israel Defense Forces in 1989.

Later, he started working with Israeli Foreign Ministry. Interestingly, Taub was born in the U.K. and completed his education at Harvard University, the University College in Oxford, and the University College in Oxford.