Arthur Becker Brings Artistic Vision to Real Estate

Arthur Becker is a man of many talents. While he’s best known for his rarefied success as a tech investor he’s also making his mark in the fine arts world and in real estate investing. His Tribeca real estate office also contains his art studio where he’s put his creativity to work. His own sculptures and paintings are on display and the place radiates artistry and reveals his innovative mind. Visit

Not far from his office is his first solo project in real estate. He’s developing an eight unit luxury condo complex at 465 Washington Street which could go for as much as $52.5 million. He has hitherto been mostly in the background with his real estate endeavors and this project will put him out front.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker has certainly experienced his fair share of success but he recalls one project that didn’t take off. His specialty binoculars, which were call Bnox, turned out to be a nonstarter. He speculates that the reason for their lack of success was the focus and the width of the eye viewing spots.

An interesting tidbit about Arthur Becker is his unique collection of ancient African currencies. Some are over a millennium old and are from countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon. Not just something interesting to collect, they have also inspired him to do sculptures as reproductions. A Capital Properties commercial building in Boston will soon feature two of them.

Money is also a central theme in much of his art. His pieces often highlight distorted shapes of money such as a sculpture of crumpled cash. Another compelling item is his artistic cash cow which borrows from a clichéd business term. Becker puts an interesting spin on it with his unique piece.

Another inspiration for Arthur Becker was his fascination with a magic eight ball from his youth. While as a youngster he longed to look into the future, he now uses eight balls in his art projects.

Becker splits his time between homes in New York City and Miami. He continues his artistic endeavors as well as real estate developments. He is also a part of Madison Partners, LLC and they invest in early stage biotech ventures in addition to real estate.

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