A Quarterback With a Chip on His Shoulder – Brady Leads Pats into his 7th Super Bowl

When the 2017 NFL regular season kicked off 5 months ago, Patriot faithful harbored an intense bitterness towards Commissioner Roger Goodell, while thousands of pro football fans smirked with satisfaction. Seems you either love Tom Brady and his New England Patriots, or you don’t. But, if you’re an educated fan of professional football you better respect his resume of accomplishments, especially if you’re thinking about laying down a financial wager against the Super Bowl odds.

Any football fanatic, unless you were unavoidably cut off from the real world, knew that “deflate gate” was debated ad nauseam. No sense in rehashing old news. But, the fact remains a voraciously self-driven individual was given even more of a reason to take out his frustration on the rest of the professional football world. Brady and the Patriots are one win away from self-satisfaction.

Chip on His Shoulder

During an interview in Orlando, for the Pro Bowl, fellow NFL quarterback Drew Brees assessed Tom Brady as someone who plays with a chip on his shoulder every time he walks down the tunnel and onto the gridiron. Players across the NFL see the former University of Michigan QB has one of the most ruthlessly intent players ever. One can only imagine how sitting on the sidelines for the first four games of this season fortified Brady’s ruthless intensity.

Primed for a Peak Performance

Year after year, Brady puts up unbelievable personal stats, cementing himself as a first time ballot for the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The statistic that Brady values the most though, is that he’s won more games than any other quarterback in NFL history. Since Tom Terrific took over for the injured Drew Bledsoe, the Patriots only once finished the regular season with less than 10 wins. As much as the football world might blame Goodell, when Jets linebacker Mo Lewis hammered Bledsoe to the Foxboro turf early in the 2001 season, the landscape of professional football changed permanently.

Keep in mind; this is only one fan’s perspective on a game full of diverse opinions. But, you may find the logic pretty easy to follow when you consider the psyche of a champion. On Sunday, February 5th, odds makers should throw logic aside. There will be roughly one hundred professional football players active in this game, but only one is on such a self-driven personal mission. It might be a wise idea to navigate your way to Covers.com and put a few “chips” down on the fellow playing with a big chip on his shoulder.