Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Using Private Funds for Assistance

The prevalence of wars and poverty in developing nations are one of the reasons why their citizens would want to leave their homelands and gamble their lives in wealthier countries. The scenario happens in all over the world, and in the Americas, the United States is the one that accepts the most migrants in its territories.

People are escaping the harsh condition of life in the Caribbean, Central American, and South American nations. They are flocking into the United States to search for a better life. However, they end up being deported by the immigration police, or worse, being used by human traffickers for crimes. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

This is what Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin want to prevent. The two are fighting for the rights of the migrants, and they have been helping those who are crossing the border through Arizona. The two managed to help hundreds, if not thousands, of people who wanted to live a comfortable life in the United States.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are using their private fund called the Frontera Fund to help the individuals who end up in Arizona. This private fund amounts to $3.75 million, and the two received them after filing a counter lawsuit against the Maricopa County.

Whenever a migrant would end up in the city of Phoenix, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin make sure that these people are being treated well.

They are accepting them in their own homes, and they are helping these people to look for jobs. They also assist them in searching for affordable places to live, and they are using their private fund until the migrants save enough money to fend for themselves.

Migrants who became successful in the United States with the help of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are grateful because of the kindness that they showed them. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

Today, these migrants are also helping other people who are in need. They are also donating some of their money to the private fund owned by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin so that they can reach more people who need assistance.

Despite the acts of kindness that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin show, there are still people who criticize them for what they are doing. These people are protesting the matter that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are putting illegal aliens inside the territories of the United States.

The two defended that as human rights activists, they must make sure that the migrants are treated well and are given a chance to experience the American Dream.

Despite the criticism that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are receiving from the public, they insisted that they will keep on helping the migrants who wanted to live a comfortable life in the United States.

Today, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are being recognized by different groups and organizations as role models, because of what they are doing just to make sure that the rights of the migrants are being observed and protected.

Their private fund, which amounts to $3.75 million, keeps on increasing because of the donations coming from successful migrants that they helped in the past.

A Life Fit For The DeVos

Dick DeVos is more than an entrepreneurial phenomenon. The outstanding public figure has a passion for sailing, piloting helicopters, manning jet air crafts and continuing to be involved in how the United States develop in a world of varying views. Dick DeVos got his official start as a self-made man in Amway.


His start in philanthropy began with very generous financial donations.


It was his father who started and planted the seed while Dick was young. Charity is part of the family. Not everyone grows up in a multi-million dollar household. Even the few of those raised with a “silver spoon” never gain the necessary business tact to succeed as much as their predecessors. So, it’s safe to say that Mr. DeVos is an exception.


Not only so, but the man in entirety is exceptional. His personal passions only give us a glimpse into the entire person. And it’s all for good reason. All we have to do is look at the man’s past. An impressive number of accomplishments are listed as Dick DeVos’ and only his. One such honor is his ability to give what he worked hard for.


Though his father gave him a good start, the rest of his legacy remained, as is today, in his hands alone. One outstanding feat is the role Dick played as President of Amway. But he didn’t earn this title just because the business is part of a larger family which includes his name. He had to start from the bottom to then be able to give.


The manner that Dick DeVos defined himself as a businessman led to more and more opportunities. These opportunities are what modeled the person we see and recognize. It was only after leaving the Amway Corporation that Mr. DeVos then launched a powerful campaign within philanthropy. His amazing wife followed.


The two combined created a reputation that few billionaires can match today. Most won’t even try. The both are from Grand Rapids, Michigan where the Amway Corporation was started. Here, his business grew wings, and here, his family extends their views and beliefs within the world of politics.


As a respected leader, Dick DeVos is looked to by his followers. These people come from his own business development and from the life that followed his enterprise. We thank Mr. DeVos for his contribution and showing the world how much is possible within one man’s lifetime.


Betsy DeVos’ Road to Becoming Secretary of Education

Take a look at all the humanitarian work that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has done throughout her career.

It was a close call, United States Vice-president Mike Pence was the one who had to vote Amway family member Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education. Her many humanitarian aids to various institutions are the main reason why she was nominated for the job, namely the extensive philanthropic work both her and her family have been involved in throughout the years. The DeVos family can be mentioned right up there with the Koch brothers as the dynasties who have been a huge influence on the conservative side of the United States.

The various donations they have made over the years have translated into hundreds of millions of dollars to numerous charities, legal groups and leadership institutions around the country. The DeVos family has given money to the country and more notably to the state of Michigan; they have also supported the Republican Conservative party for many decades now. Just in the state of Michigan, the DeVos family has already donated nearly $44 million for many political purposes. Check this related article from nypost.com.

Betsy DeVos’ Contribution

But the Secretary of Education earned her spot in the White House by making a significant number of philanthropic activities that include sharing the board of directors’ seat of the DeVos Family Foundation with her husband Dick in Grand Rapid, Michigan. Their donations through that institution include strong support for school choice in the state of Michigan, support for the Michigan Aviation Academy, and two private Christian schools led by Potter’s House. They also provide substantial funding to the Education Freedom Fund, which grants children in need scholarships to private schools in the state.

The DeVos Family Foundation also supports the American Federation for Children (AFC) and the Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE). Before taking on her role as the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos was the AFC’s chairman. Betsy DeVos’ role in the education sector portrays her efforts to offer a better opportunity for education in children of all cities in the United States; she has managed to combine several top donors and do an outstanding philanthropic job in her community.

It’s Betsy DeVos hard work in education in various institutions such as the AFC and the FEE the reason why the United States President decided to grant her the tremendous responsibility of leading the school program in the country. With this new role in the White House, DeVos will have even greater chances of improving the education system in the country. It’s not an easy job, but the presidency and the whole Republican party have their hopes set on her background and outstanding dedication. Now it’s Betsy Devos’ turn to respond with positive results during her tenure as the United States’ Secretary of Education; she has already begun her work by visiting school across the country and listens to every need that school has in the United States of America.

Know more: http://www.betsydevos.com/education/

Betsy DeVos Has A Lot To Say About Schools

Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education of the United States under the President Donald Trump Administration which is a Cabinet Level Position. As such she is in charge of the policies and direction of the nation’s public school system.

Betsy is also the wife of former Amway president and CEO, Dick Devos who recently retired from that post. Both are and have been, very active in support of the Republican party. Betsy was at one time the head of the Republican Party in Michigan, her home state and she raised more than $150,000 for the George W. Bush political campaign for President.

Dick’s Father, Rich DeVos was the founder and CEO of Amway and is the current owner of the Orlando Magic, the professional basketball. The DeVos family as a whole is responsible for the raising of over $17,000,000 for the Republican party and its candidates over the years.

One of Betsy’s projects for years has been in championing the cause for a restructuring of public education. DeVos makes a good case for charter schools as another means of educating our youth, especially in the inner cities where nothing seems to be happening after fifty to sixty years of the Great Society.

Part of the problem comes from the environmental problems in the inner cities with poverty, crime, and indifference, and the other part comes from sweeping problems under the rug. DeVos makes the case that people should have options. There are many case studies to back her up and her alternative ideas.

Know more: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/

For one thing, homeschooled students to get better grades and go further along the educational path than public school students on average. Charter school results from inner city Detroit and other projects in other areas.

When students are lumped together in buildings just because of their zip code and must be subjected to five or six 40 minute lectures, it does not necessarily mean they will get meaningful educations.

DeVos had a great deal of difficulty getting confirmed to the post of Secretary Education, not because of her ability, but because of the politics. She is seen as a real threat to the establishment of teachers unions and liberal politics that wants to keep on using the schools as breeding grounds for their political agenda rather than the robust educational system it is meant to be.

Betsy DeVos has some very good ideas and solid principles upon which they can be instituted. In today’s environment of technology, there is no reason a child can’t learn as much or more from electronic devices as has been learned in the past from classroom experiences. DeVos may have difficult opposition, but her ideas are viable and sensible, and there are many who do support her so let us hope for the sake of our children that some of Betsy’s ideas are put into practice. Check this article from New York Post.

The Plans George Soros Has In Store

Sharing His Prosperity

It is easy to see George Soros is a fairly wealthy man. He’s made himself the most successful hedge fund manager in the world and he’s held that title for more than 30 years. Thanks to his efforts we now understand exactly what it will take to improve the world and bring about a new age of understanding among Americans. There simply isn’t anything like this to be found across the world. Although George Soros is extremely generous, many conservatives have taken offense to this and believe he is trying to do harm to America and to the ideas of freedom and democracy. This thinking is odd given his long history of supporting capitalism in emerging economies such as those found in Eastern Europe and occupational choice. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.

The Situation in Europe

The migrant crisis of Europe is of particularly strong interest to George Soros. He wants to do everything he can to help the migrants adjust to life in their new homeland and to give them chance to do everything they can to start new lives in these countries. Nothing helps immigrants settle in better than creating new businesses that contribute to the economies of the countries hosting them. This is where he came up with the idea to donate $500 million to the European Union.

The Fight in America

The victory of Donald Trump has deeply angered George Soros he wants to just about everything he can to help stop Trump from bringing the changes he is proposing to bring about. He has allowed disappointments to discourage him from getting into politics before, but this is not happening this time. Instead, he is trying to do everything he can to make everything better.

Beating the Smear Campaign

There is a smear campaign being launched against George Soros by the right. It began with Glenn Beck and it has continued into the current day with many on the right claiming that he is essentially trying to create some sort of world domination pyramid scheme. This is far from reality, but it has had an impact and it has caused many conservatives to unfairly distrust him. Soros refuses to let this get in the way of his goals. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

About George Soros

For more than 30 years, George Soros has used his wealth to promote important progressive issues such a social justice, racial equality, and greater social mobility. He has spent much of his life fighting for a more global world where free trade and immigration are accepted by the vast majority of people. Outside of his work as a philanthropist he is also known as an accomplished writer and financial speculator.

Dick DeVos’ Business Prospects and Philanthropic Endeavors

In an interview published on Philanthropy Magazine, Betsy DeVos highlighted the progress the School Choice program had made and explained how she became an education reformist. She noted that the private-choice program had grown tremendously since the first program was incepted more than 25 years ago. According to Mrs. DeVos, there are around 250,000 scholars in 33 publicly financed choice programs throughout 17 states plus the District of Columbia.

Mrs. DeVos and her husband (Dick DeVos) used to visit their school going kids and meet with other parents who strived to ensure their children were learning in a favorable environment.

Who is Dick DeVos?

 Dick DeVos is a Michigan-based investor, the son of Richard DeVos (the Co-founder of Amway), a politician, and an active philanthropist. He contested for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan but lost on slight margin to Jennifer Granholm. After studying at the Forest Hills High School, DeVos joined Northwood University and earned a degree in the field of business administration. He is married to Betsy Prince, and they have seven kids and five grandchildren.

Business prospects

DeVos established a successful career by holding influential positions at companies such as Amway Corporation, Orlando Magic, a franchise of NBA, and The Windquest Group. From 1993 to 2002, he served as the Amway’s President and was responsible for its operations in 50 countries across six continents. Before ascending to the presidency, DeVos was the firm’s Vice President managing its day-to-day operations in 18 countries out of North America. Under his guidance, the company tapped into new markets and tripled global sales to exceed local sales. His family appointed him as the Orlando Magic’s CEO and President in 1991.

Charity work

Apart from establishing himself as a great entrepreneur in the corporate arena, DeVos has offered unwavering philanthropic support to various community initiatives. He is the brains behind the Education Freedom Fund that gave over 4,000 scholarships to needy kids in Michigan. He launched the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a top High School that intends to offer a comprehensive educational program with an aviation focus. DeVos has spearheaded numerous health improvement projects in the Grand Rapids Area including a $90m medical school, a $130M heart hospital, and a $30M Downtown Market.

Success in Business and Philanthropy Runs in the Dick DeVos’ Family

Betsy DeVos is a committed reformer. She ventured into campus politics while studying at Calvin College. For over 30 years, she has spearheaded several campaigns, political action committees, party organization. Mrs. DeVos has served as the Michigan Republican Party’s Chairperson. Her husband (Dick DeVos) is also a reformer – in 2006, he viewed for Michigan’s gubernatorial seat on a Republican ticket. Mrs. DeVos is the chairperson of the prestigious Windquest Group, a global company that invests in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Together with her husband, she established the firm in 1989. She pursues reform via a couple of nonprofit roles and charitable giving.

About Dick DeVos

DeVos is part of an outstanding class of astute business leaders who have excelled in a multitude of fields. He played a major role in the international growth and managed one of the top NBA’s franchises. He dedicates his effort to various alternative, clean energy, and charitable organizations, and has aided in the creation of a culture of devoted stewardship and philanthropy.

Family life and Education

DeVos has been married to Betsy for more than 30 years. They are blessed with four children, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters. He pursued his high school education at the Forest Hills Public Schools, and subsequently joined Northwood University and earned his Business Administration degree.

Journey to success

DeVos joined Amway Corporation in 1974, and he managed several divisions such as research & development, marketing, finance, sales, and manufacturing. His commitment to excellence and hard work paid off, and in 1984, he ascended to the position of vice president of firm’s day-to-day operations in 18 nations. In 1989, he left the company on his own terms to establish a private investment, The Windquest Group, a firm that specializes in manufacturing and selling closet and storage organizers.

Orlando Magic

Amway Corporation purchased NBA’s Orlando Magic Basketball and appointed DeVos to manage it. He managed to strike a balance in running the Basketball franchise and his private venture, Windquest Group.

An eventful tenure at Amway Corporation

In 1993, his father appointed him as the president of the company. He was instrumental in the implementation of a historic restructuring of Amway Corporation, which resulted in the creation of a new umbrella company known as Alticor Corporation. It encompassed the Access Business Group, the Quixtar Corporation, and the Amway Corporation.