Troy McQuagge was named the CEO of the year by One Planet Award.

For Troy McQuagge, it was a big honor to know that his peers acknowledged his work and appreciated it. This was evident when he was named the CEO of the year in the gold category by One Planet award. The award is mostly aimed at appreciating various professions and businesses that have taken it their duty to excel in everything they do. Though it wasn’t the first time for him to be awarded for his excellent work including winning from One Planet, it was a tremendous honor since he had never won in the gold category.

The One Planet Award brings firms and businessmen from all walks of life to come together and acknowledge the excellent work being done by companies and various individuals. It involves all types of company’s regardless small or big, for-profit or non-profit organizations and so on. Considering there is a huge list of people and organizations who aim at being awarded, we can understand the reason as to why it was great news for Troy McQuagge to hear he would go home with an award

Now the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc, Troy acknowledges the hard work the firm’s employees put in their work. According to him, he wouldn’t have won that award if it was not his team at USHEALTH Group Inc who aim at providing quality insurance service to all their clients. McQuagge joined the firm in 2010 and gradually worked to become the company’s CEO. When he was named the chief executive officer of the enterprise, his fellow employees were happy for him and agreed with the decision considering how hard Troy had worked.

Considering the firm operates in the health industry developing solutions that are cost effective to all their patients, it needed to be led by someone who had experience in the required field. Troy was once a student at the University of Central Florida where he earned his degree in Legal Studies. He is an expert when dealing with matters that lie in the field of Human Rights, Management, health, Voluntary programs, and Finance.

Health Coverage Policies in USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH formerly known as Ascent Insurance Inc. was incorporated in 1982 in Fort Worth Texas. The group changed its name to USHEALTH Inc. in March 2005. The group sells insurance plans in the United States through its subsidiaries and underwriters. The group consists of several licensed life and health insurance companies which collectively have an experience of over 50 years. As explained by the company’s mission, USHEALTH groups helps people every day by making a difference in their lives.

The group has served over 15 million customers; they bring an excellent combination of experience and innovation in offering their services. The product portfolio of USHEALTH consists of products that are affordable and reliable. When you need peace of mind during serious medical procedures, or you need daily medical cover, USHEALTH is the place to be. The group offers a variety of products which are tailored to address the particular needs of their customers.

The group understands that different customers have different needs. Therefore, customers choose the cover that will suit their specific needs. The group has innovative products that are unique, flexible reliable and affordable. The products have attracted many customers. Some people are financially constrained and are worried about having to make huge annual deductibles before they receive insurance plan benefits. Such people are covered in USHEALTH through the provision of a portfolio that provides first dollar benefits for services covered. The portfolio also offers discounts on a wide range of providers.

The insurance products provided include individual health insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance and fixed indemnity medical insurance. The insurance policies are sold to both small business owners and the self-employed. The insurance market has significant consumer turnover, and customer loyalty is low. In an approach to differentiate themselves from other providers, USHEALTH group creates long-term relationships with the clients and always delivers as per the promises made. Excellent service delivery has caused the group becomes trusted in the industry thus able to maintain a significant number of customers.

To reach all their customers, USHEALTH group offers their services through their owned subsidiary, the USHEALTH Advisors agents. The agents must meet the required standards before getting authorization to sell the products. The Advisors have to be well trained and qualified, and their mission is to help other people every day. The advisors also pay personal attention to all their clients by ensuring they receive excellent customer service.

Every single day, more individuals and small business owners are seeking the services of USHEALTH group Inc. The group has been recognized as trustworthy and reliable which has attracted many people thus making the group a huge success.