Australian YouTube Personality Kim Dao Talks about Why She Wants to Return to Australia

Australian lifestyle blogger Kim Dao has just uploaded a new video in which she talks about why she would like to move back to Australia eventually. The young YouTuber started out making make-up tutorials and eventually broke out as an Internet star. Thousands of fans now read Kim Dao’s blog and watch her videos documenting her life in Australia and Japan.


In her video, “Why I want to Live in Australia,” Kim Dao visits a pet cafe with her dog Yuki and later drives her furry companion to a dog park. Later that evening, she drives over to meet up with her boyfriend and talks about her reasons for wanting to live in Australia long-term. According to Kim Dao, living in Japan was a dream that she wanted to experience. Also, she’s happy with her long distance relationship for now since her boyfriend Eric, who is based in Australia, works very long hours.


While she says that Japan is a lovely place, in Kim Dao’s view Australia is a much more laid-back and relaxed society. She is looking forward to one day returning to the Land Down Under and owning her own home, something that would be more difficult in Japan. Kim Dao also thinks that it’s much more difficult to get around in Japan than Australia, and likes the fact that she can get around by car in Perth, where her boyfriend lives.

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