Australian YouTube Personality Kim Dao Talks about Why She Wants to Return to Australia

Australian lifestyle blogger Kim Dao has just uploaded a new video in which she talks about why she would like to move back to Australia eventually. The young YouTuber started out making make-up tutorials and eventually broke out as an Internet star. Thousands of fans now read Kim Dao’s blog and watch her videos documenting her life in Australia and Japan.


In her video, “Why I want to Live in Australia,” Kim Dao visits a pet cafe with her dog Yuki and later drives her furry companion to a dog park. Later that evening, she drives over to meet up with her boyfriend and talks about her reasons for wanting to live in Australia long-term. According to Kim Dao, living in Japan was a dream that she wanted to experience. Also, she’s happy with her long distance relationship for now since her boyfriend Eric, who is based in Australia, works very long hours.


While she says that Japan is a lovely place, in Kim Dao’s view Australia is a much more laid-back and relaxed society. She is looking forward to one day returning to the Land Down Under and owning her own home, something that would be more difficult in Japan. Kim Dao also thinks that it’s much more difficult to get around in Japan than Australia, and likes the fact that she can get around by car in Perth, where her boyfriend lives.

Kim Dao also attended university in Perth, at the University of Western Australia, where she earned her degree in Japanese and Psychology.

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The Importance of Social Security

According to financial advisor David Giertz, every financial advisor should talk to their clients about Social Security. It’s the most important issue that retired or soon-to-be retired people need to take into account. Most people don’t start thinking about retirement until it’s just ahead of them.

That’s why David Giertz thinks it’s so important for professionals to remind their clients of the impending future. In Giertz’s opinion, not enough advisors are talking about Social Security. All of Giertz’s opinions are based on a nationally accredited survey. The survey at polls thousands of people and shows trends and pitfalls of the financial consumer’s mindset.

Four out of five people admitted that they would change advisors if their current advisor wasn’t talking about some form of security on Securing a financial future is a difficult discussion to have. Not because seeing into the future is impossible but because of the topic, in itself, is very complex.

There is a “sole security handbook” which has 2,700 rules in it. The security discussion on is beyond complex. The other end of Social Security is those who turn on their Social Security too soon. The result could equal to losing $300,000 over 25 years.
David Giertz is the top financial advisor at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, based in Dublin, Ohio. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial field and has no plans of retiring soon. He’s passed 4 exams.

Mr. Giertz is also registered with FIRNA. That means he’s a registered broker. Brokers, not to be confused with investors, are sales personnel who work for large brokerage firms. A broker’s job is to buy and sell securities on behalf of the firm’s customers or its own account.

Have A Wine Tasting Party In Your Home With The Traveling Vineyards Wines

If companies can sell containers for leftover food or cosmetics on a home party basis, why then wouldn’t you be able to sell wine using the same concept?

As of 2001 someone took that idea and ran with it and it became The Traveling Vineyards Wines based in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

The individuals who give these parties as known as Wine Guides, who are knowledgeable about the company’s different wine that are offered. The concept here is that they set up a free wine tasting in the clients home and offer five different types of wine. After all, how do you know you like a wine unless you have a chance to taste it before you purchase it and not like it and dispose of it? This concept gives people a relaxing way, in their home, to taste a new wine or two.

As of 2005, they had thousands of Wine Guides or consultants, that work from home and had at that time hosted over 100,000 events in 26 different states. These Wine Guides have a strict code of ethics to follow, they must have a knowledge of wines with which to give accurate comparisons about the services and the products. Safeguarding your private information is essential, which are only two of the many different sectors of the Code of Ethics.

They are a member of the Direct Selling Association or DSA which is there to make sure you are a for real company and not someone who makes false promises and never carries through. To belong to the DSA a company has to go through a trial period of 12 months, and in the meantime, the DSA administrators are busy checking out how Traveling Vineyard conducts itself and its business model.

If anyone, guest, host, Wine Guide or whoever thinks that one of their representatives is not meeting standards set out by the DSA’s Code of Ethics, they are free to file a code complaint and the matter will be investigated and if there is a problem it will be remedied immediately. If they do not do this, the DSA will most assuredly do so and they could lose their membership.

Troy McQuagge was named the CEO of the year by One Planet Award.

For Troy McQuagge, it was a big honor to know that his peers acknowledged his work and appreciated it. This was evident when he was named the CEO of the year in the gold category by One Planet award. The award is mostly aimed at appreciating various professions and businesses that have taken it their duty to excel in everything they do. Though it wasn’t the first time for him to be awarded for his excellent work including winning from One Planet, it was a tremendous honor since he had never won in the gold category.

The One Planet Award brings firms and businessmen from all walks of life to come together and acknowledge the excellent work being done by companies and various individuals. It involves all types of company’s regardless small or big, for-profit or non-profit organizations and so on. Considering there is a huge list of people and organizations who aim at being awarded, we can understand the reason as to why it was great news for Troy McQuagge to hear he would go home with an award

Now the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc, Troy acknowledges the hard work the firm’s employees put in their work. According to him, he wouldn’t have won that award if it was not his team at USHEALTH Group Inc who aim at providing quality insurance service to all their clients. McQuagge joined the firm in 2010 and gradually worked to become the company’s CEO. When he was named the chief executive officer of the enterprise, his fellow employees were happy for him and agreed with the decision considering how hard Troy had worked.

His vast experience in the industry also played a role in his promotion. Considering the firm operates in the health industry developing solutions that are cost effective to all their patients, it needed to be led by someone who had experience in the required field. Troy was once a student at the University of Central Florida where he earned his degree in Legal Studies. He is an expert when dealing with matters that lie in the field of Human Rights, Management, health, Voluntary programs, and Finance. He hopes to continue serving his customers and leading the USHEALTH Group to greener pastures.

Bob Reina Is A Truly Caring Human Being

Bob Reina is known for doing a lot to help out other people. In fact, when Talk Fusion was founded and created by Bob Reina back in 2007, he made that the number one mission and the number one goal. He wanted to create a company that was going to do something good for the people.

A lot of people out there just need a little push and a little guidance and when they get it, truly amazing things can happen. Bob Reina is proud of everyone that has made their dreams come true and lived a better life because of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina takes no credit for that, whatsoever, which is what makes him a truly incredible and caring human being. There is nothing about Bob Reina that is not one hundred and ten percent organic and authentic. That is why he made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.

That is why he is offering thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion to new customers. He wants everyone to be happy and use Talk Fusion’s voice, data, and chat services. They are the very best out there, bar none, as is evident by their awards and all of their accomplishments.

They also offer video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences, and they have also made it where people with Android and Apple phones can communicate with each other. He knows he has a tremendous team and he has surrounded himself with people that share the same passion, excitement, and joy for helping out others that he does.

Everyone has bought in at Talk Fusion. In fact, Bob Reina has offered them the chance to give out the product to a charity of their choosing. This way, more and more people can get their hands on Talk Fusion.

According to PR News Wire, a lot of people are excited and waiting to see what is next for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. With the kinds of minds they have working there and their commitment to it, it is going to be very, very exciting. They know Bob Reina will not let them down.

Arthur Becker: A Real Estate and Tech Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker is an entrepreneur that has established himself in an investment firm for real estate and Bio Tech at Madison Partners, LLC. As a Managing Member at Madison Partners, LLC, Arthur Becker has a flexible schedule that allows him to complete multiple development projects in different real estate locations across the country. He brings his ideas of real estate development to life by managing the many stages of project development from the design and financial stage to the construction and selling phase of a building. Arthur Becker believes that in order to be a productive entrepreneur within Madison Partners, LLC, a balance of passion and determination need to be in conjunction with critical thinking. He said in his Ideamensch interview that as an entrepreneur he  has learned hard work and motivation to drive him to find more interesting and better work.

Arthur Becker began his journey to the entrepreneur ( he is today by attending Bennington College for his Bachelor of Administration. He then transitioned to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. From 2002 to 2010 he was the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite Inc. A company that provides internet technology services to businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom. He maintained his position until NaviSite was sold to Time Warner in 2011.

At ClearBlue Technologies Inc. Arthur Becker was the Vice Chairman and Director. For seven years he was the Senior Advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company. Arthur Becker served as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Zinio, LLC from 2012 to 2015. Now he is a private investor in real estate and biological technologies within Madison Technologies, LLC. and he is one of the top ten people that have invested in property in New York City. Arthur Becker’s most recent purchases include three townhouses along Sullivan Street in New York.


A Common Issue With Women’s Clothing Solved By Fabletics

Women are some of the more fashionable groups of people. One of the reasons is that they are allowed a lot more options when it comes to clothing. Of course this comes with a trade off. While women get to have more fun with the options that fashion stores offer them, this could also leave them feeling nervous and pressured when it comes to making a choice. Also, women get larger sections in stores than men do. However, there is another trade off that has nothing to do with the options that women get. This often results in women spending even more money on clothing.


One major issue that comes with women’s clothing is that they are more easy to tear apart. The items that women’s clothing are made up of are not durable. Therefore, even with careful handling, the clothes can easily rip. In order for women to buy something that is durable, they will have to pay a lot more. In some cases, even the more expensive clothing will break on them. As a result, they will feel that all of their money is wasted. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue that frustrates women on a regular basis.


This solution is a company called Fabletics. They are an athletic clothing store that takes fabric that is used to make athletic clothes and use them to make some more fashionable items. Therefore, the clothes are not only very fashionable, but they are durable. Therefore, women can wear them for a lot longer than they could with other clothes. For one thing, a lot of clothes retailers sell clothes that could not survive washing machines. Fabletics looks at what is needed for clothes to be durable. They follow all of the procedures needed in order to make sure they put together great looking and long lasting products.


Unlike Amazon and many fashion outlets and designers, Fabletics looks at the longevity of the item. The staff of the company understands that if the apparel is not lasting long, then the customers are not going to trust the company. Women are especially the ones that are looking for something that is going to bring them long term satisfaction. People are not to impressed with stores that try so hard to stay with the trends that they create items that are only meant to last for one season. The costs of the items add up over time.

Health Coverage Policies in USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH formerly known as Ascent Insurance Inc. was incorporated in 1982 in Fort Worth Texas. The group changed its name to USHEALTH Inc. in March 2005. The group sells insurance plans in the United States through its subsidiaries and underwriters. The group consists of several licensed life and health insurance companies which collectively have an experience of over 50 years. As explained by the company’s mission, USHEALTH groups helps people every day by making a difference in their lives.

The group has served over 15 million customers; they bring an excellent combination of experience and innovation in offering their services. The product portfolio of USHEALTH consists of products that are affordable and reliable. When you need peace of mind during serious medical procedures, or you need daily medical cover, USHEALTH is the place to be. The group offers a variety of products which are tailored to address the particular needs of their customers.

USHEALTH group of companies provides a range of products that cater to the different requirements of the customers. The group understands that different customers have different needs. Therefore, customers choose the cover that will suit their specific needs. The group has innovative products that are unique, flexible reliable and affordable. The products have attracted many customers. Some people are financially constrained and are worried about having to make huge annual deductibles before they receive insurance plan benefits. Such people are covered in USHEALTH through the provision of a portfolio that provides first dollar benefits for services covered. The portfolio also offers discounts on a wide range of providers. The products are affordable than most plans in the market.

The insurance products provided include individual health insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance and fixed indemnity medical insurance. The insurance policies are sold to both small business owners and the self-employed. The insurance market has significant consumer turnover, and customer loyalty is low. In an approach to differentiate themselves from other providers, USHEALTH group creates long-term relationships with the clients and always delivers as per the promises made. Excellent service delivery has caused the group becomes trusted in the industry thus able to maintain a significant number of customers.

To reach all their customers, USHEALTH group offers their services through their owned subsidiary, the USHEALTH Advisors agents. The agents must meet the required standards before getting authorization to sell the products. The Advisors have to be well trained and qualified, and their mission is to help other people every day. The advisors also pay personal attention to all their clients by ensuring they receive excellent customer service.

Every single day, more individuals and small business owners are seeking the services of USHEALTH group Inc. The group has been recognized as trustworthy and reliable which has attracted many people thus making the group a huge success.

Use A Straight Razor To Create Beautiful Hair Styles

Running your own salon means working with clients who want different cuts and styles. You can use a straight razor from Donald Scott NYC to create beautiful styles your clients are sure to love.

A straight razor is used to create different lengths rather than an even cut across the ends. It tapers the ends to create texture, movement or a jagged appearance such as layers. The razor also leaves the hair looking soft and smooth. You can combine the straight razor with professional shears to create a hybrid cut for your client.

You can find a variety of straight razors for your salon by shopping with Donald Scott NYC. The Carving Comb Fine Razor is a great tool for cutting, shaping and adding texture to their hair. Use the Chop Stik Pro Razor to add texture while removing the hair. The Groom Stik Pro Trimmer is perfect for delivering a smooth trim or cut. You should always use the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide with all tools from Donald Scott NYC. The liquid is used to provide a seamless glide, seal the cuticle and protect the hair and skin.

Your client is sure to love the beautiful style you create with your professional straight razor.

A Quarterback With a Chip on His Shoulder – Brady Leads Pats into his 7th Super Bowl

When the 2017 NFL regular season kicked off 5 months ago, Patriot faithful harbored an intense bitterness towards Commissioner Roger Goodell, while thousands of pro football fans smirked with satisfaction. Seems you either love Tom Brady and his New England Patriots, or you don’t. But, if you’re an educated fan of professional football you better respect his resume of accomplishments, especially if you’re thinking about laying down a financial wager against the Super Bowl odds.

Any football fanatic, unless you were unavoidably cut off from the real world, knew that “deflate gate” was debated ad nauseam. No sense in rehashing old news. But, the fact remains a voraciously self-driven individual was given even more of a reason to take out his frustration on the rest of the professional football world. Brady and the Patriots are one win away from self-satisfaction.

Chip on His Shoulder

During an interview in Orlando, for the Pro Bowl, fellow NFL quarterback Drew Brees assessed Tom Brady as someone who plays with a chip on his shoulder every time he walks down the tunnel and onto the gridiron. Players across the NFL see the former University of Michigan QB has one of the most ruthlessly intent players ever. One can only imagine how sitting on the sidelines for the first four games of this season fortified Brady’s ruthless intensity.

Primed for a Peak Performance

Year after year, Brady puts up unbelievable personal stats, cementing himself as a first time ballot for the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The statistic that Brady values the most though, is that he’s won more games than any other quarterback in NFL history. Since Tom Terrific took over for the injured Drew Bledsoe, the Patriots only once finished the regular season with less than 10 wins. As much as the football world might blame Goodell, when Jets linebacker Mo Lewis hammered Bledsoe to the Foxboro turf early in the 2001 season, the landscape of professional football changed permanently.

Keep in mind; this is only one fan’s perspective on a game full of diverse opinions. But, you may find the logic pretty easy to follow when you consider the psyche of a champion. On Sunday, February 5th, odds makers should throw logic aside. There will be roughly one hundred professional football players active in this game, but only one is on such a self-driven personal mission. It might be a wise idea to navigate your way to and put a few “chips” down on the fellow playing with a big chip on his shoulder.